Line of Leadership

The Northern Ohio Chapter IFMA was officially chartered on December 7, 1987

We thank those who have served as Chapter Presidents. They have brought leadership and dedication of time and talent.

J. Todd Anderson, CFM
(Founded the Chapter) 1987-1988

Anthony Peskar—1988-1989

Robert Bea—1989-1990

Brian Plesmid—1990-1994

Kathryn Bea, CFM—1994-1995

Jim Daymut, CFM—1996-1997

Judy Kachenko, CFM—1998-1999

Alan McGinty, CFM—1999-2000

Ron Felgenhauer—2000-2001

Chris Nortz, CFM—2001-2003

Greg McDonald.—2003-2004

Jerry Zupancic, CFM—2005-2006

Tom Miller, CFM—2006—2007

David Meyer—2007-2008

Christopher Rosati—2008-2009

Patrick Waitkus—2009-2011

Sal Parrella – 2011-2012

Gary Hutchins, CFM – 2012-2015

Bill McCary, CFM – 2015-2018

Laura Svitak, FMP – 2018-present