Professionals in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Automation and its Impact

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November 9, 2022


The world is fast-changing. Artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics are infiltrating every sector of the supply chain in our “information world”. Over the next 30 years, the professional white-collar jobs are more at risk to be automated than the blue-collar jobs. There is a movement to increase the value of professional services, by increasing their efficiency and effectiveness. The workers of the future who will not be automated, are professionals who can identify and utilize expertise. These are the “Professionals of the Future”. They must adapt to the new age of artificial intelligence, information systems and automation. Dr. Dean proposes that identifying and utilizing expertise to cut cost and dominantly increase performance is the only way to secure their future positions. The way to do this is called the Best Value Approach. He proposes professionals need to increase their responsibilities and minimize their workload. The “Professionals of the Future” is a
different paradigm from the traditional professional. They will use simplicity instead of technical complexity and utilize the language of metrics to simplify. They affect the entire supply chain by bringing efficiency, simplicity, and transparency. The “Professionals of the Future” must learn this new paradigm, vocabulary, and actions to be successful and sustainable in the future.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn the latest on artificial intelligence and automation trends of the future.
• Learn how to shift from a technical role to a leadership role in a company and become
part of the C-suite.
• Learn how to reduce organizational costs by up to 30%, while increasing the value and
quality of services received.
• Learn how to use performance information to ensure buy-in at all levels of an
• Learn how to increase impact on your organization, by minimizing the amount of info you
need to know.


Dean KashiwagiDr. Dean Kashiwagi, Ph.D., PE, IFMA Fellow
Retired Full Professor of Arizona State University
Director of Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG)
Director of Kashiwagi Solution Model, Inc. (KSM)
Adjunct Professor of SKEMA Business School
Editor of CIB W117 Performance Measurement in Construction Journal

Dr. Dean Kashiwagi is an innovator and a researcher of “cutting edge technology” in the areas of project management, risk management, procurement, and performance information. His accomplishments include:

• Most prolific researcher that at the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University (ASU) with $18M of research funding solely from the private sector.
• Author of the Information Measurement Theory (IMT), Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS), the Best Value Approach (BVA), and the Performance Information Risk Management System (PIRMS), which has been used in 2,000 tests in 10 different countries delivering $6.6B of services in construction, services and information technology.
• Responsible for the licensing of the Best Value Approach (BVA) intellectual property (IP) at Arizona State University (ASU), which is the most licensed IP at ASU in the history of ASU [64 licenses].
• Owner of the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG).
• Performed research at ASU College of Engineering, at the SKEMA Business School Project Management dBA program, and with the CIB W117 working commission.
• Creator of Barrett, The Honors College’s most successful and popular class, “Deductive Logic and Leadership”. The principles of the class teach students to minimize thinking, decision making and complexity to increase understanding of reality.

Dr. Dean Kashiwagi’s research area is a technology made for the future. It replaces the human cognitive process (thinking and decision making) of project/facility/supply chain managers with a simple structure of alignment rules. The BVA allows project/facility/supply chain managers to increase their responsibilities and create value, while reducing their workload and cost.