Hello Hybrid: Ready or Not, Here it Comes

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June 23, 2021
12:00 noon EST

What will the post-COVID workplace look like? In the Fall of 2020 and early 2021, DORIS was commissioned to collect data from organizations in various industries to answer that question. The results are in; presenting: What’s Up Remote and Hello Hybrid! This is not just a research report, it prompts important decisions to consider, and then gives a framework to guide organizations through making actionable decisions around the hybrid work environment.

It’s not a question of if an organization is ready to implement a hybrid work model, it’s a matter of when and how. DORIS has done extensive research through anthropological methods, to guide you through making actionable decisions around the hybrid work environment specific to your organization. Through this research, DORIS has developed an actionable plan to help property managers and owners return tenants to the office safely. Attendees will learn how this extensive research could be THE tool that helps you with the anticipated hybrid work model in the coming months.

DORIS was commissioned to conduct a study measuring creativity, innovation, collaboration, strategy, and productivity.  Their sample included employees who work remotely, in the office, and in a hybrid model. Curious about the results? Their study revealed that the hybrid model is technically the least efficient for facilitating Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration, Strategy, and Productivity. However, the hybrid model will be widely implemented, though questions remain about how to avoid common pitfalls. How do you implement the hybrid model? Have no fear, DORIS can help answer all of your questions. Ready or not, here comes the hybrid.

Presenter: Meghan Tooman

Meghan Tooman is the Vice President of Operations for DORIS. After earning her MS in Applied Statistics, she taught statistics courses at Purdue University and IUPUI while also maintaining her own successful consulting business, Statistical Research Solutions. She recently received her PStat® accreditation from the American Statistical Association. Meghan ensures that DORIS pioneers innovative research practices that establish the company as an industry leader. She has developed new methods for measuring and reporting workplace utilization and more recently virtually regarding meetings and collaborative encounters. Meghan lives on the northwest side of Indianapolis with her husband, Adam, and her daughter, Nora.