Akron OhioMembership in IFMA provides you with an opportunity to learn from and network with some of the top Facility Management professionals in Northeast Ohio. Our chapter is well over 140 members strong, with close to 100 facility managers who oversee some of the finest properties in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton areas. In addition, we are proud to include in our membership 16 Certified Facility Managers (CFMs).
Our monthly membership meetings focus on tours and topics that serve to bring additional knowledge to those in the facility management field. The programs are typically on the second Tuesday of each month. Locations will vary, based on the program and often include a facility tour.
Cleveland Indians Tours

Previous tours have included Jacobs Field, Browns Stadium, the Cleveland Playhouse, Allied Technologies and Parker Hannifin’s corporate headquarters.
Membership in the Northern Ohio Chapter can easily be started by applying to our International Headquarters in Houston, TX. You can request a membership application through the feedback page, or by clicking on the link below to get to IFMA International’s web site.
Membership in IFMA is unique and open for both professional facility managers and associates (vendors). At least 75% of our membership will always be professional members, due to a ratio our Chapter must maintain. Associates can be placed on a waiting list by submitting your application to IFMA International. Professional members will be accepted immediately.
For more information or to apply now, visit